Karlŭv most

Charles Bridge

The place to start in Prague is the Vltava River (the Germans called it the Moldau). The best place see the river and get a flavor of the city is the Charles Bridge, named after King Karl IV, great medieval king of the Czechs.


As you approach the bridge, the first thing you see is King Karl IV himself. He consulted his royal numerologists and elected to begin constructing the bridge on September 7, 1357 at 5:31AM, or 1357-9-7-5:31. Must have been something to it, because the bridge is still there.

The bridge tower on the Old Town bank is, like most of the buildings in Prague, a dingy grey. Great opportunity for somebody in the sandblasting business.

Ann and Marie have a chat within earshot of King Karl while waiting for Neil and Katharine.

This is the dude that got pitched in the river for keeping his priestly vows (the statue, not the kid). Rumor has it that if you touch the statue you will surely return to Prague.

Which accounts for the well-worn spots on the bottom of the statue.

Looking over the hordes of tourists and vendors, you get a good view of Prague Castle on yonder hill.

A great dixieland band was entertaining. Dixieland? Prague?

And the best washboard player we've heard in a long time.

And a picturesque barrel organ busker.

Not to mention a good view up the river.

Here's the view of the bridge from the river.

Another bridge statue, typical of the numerous others on the bridge.

And the obligatory crucifix.

But the main idea is to get to the other side of the bridge so that you can go up to the castle

It's only a short walk up the hill to Prague Castle, if you'd care to come along.